Thursday 28 November 2013



a one off Landrover Defender. It is a 1989 registration and was originally a Landrover 90 4C. Since then it has undergone some dramatic changes. The owner of the car had it from 2000-2013 and in 2009 he decided he wanted a change and so fitted a TD5 engine in place of the turbo diesel. At the same time he changed the axles for TD5 axles and also fitted TD5 running gear etc. To make it like a genuine TD5 it would need the fuel tank relocated to the rear. Many do this by cutting a new hole in the original bodywork. However the whole rear section on each side was replaced and done properly. It was removed from a 2005 Defender. This job meant removing the roof and the whole rear end so the last keeper decided do fit a brand new galvanised chassis at the same time. The chassis is a genuine TD5 richards chassis which is not a cheap option. At this time a td5 bulkhead was fitted from a 2003 Defender so even that expensive job has been done!. Inside has been done properly as well and it has the full td5 clock conversion and td5 centre console etc. All in all this has been done very well. It was done by my local Landrover garage who informed me that all the work, parts and labour came to just short of £8000. All this Defender needs is a dateless registration and it could pass as a 2006 TD5.

The Landrover has covered 114,000 miles and comes with a brand new MOT until November 2014. There is no tax currently on the Landy however I can arrange to have this added ready for the winning bidder collecting it. The Landrover has had a suspension lift kit, galvanised tree sliders, galvanised sump guard and also a good set of module wheels with excellent All Terrain tyres which are like new!

The exterior of the Landrover is generally in very good condition indeed. The whole paintwork is in very good condition and has a good shine to it. The truck is nice and straight down the sides and there are no real major marks at all. There are a few light marks that I have photographed below so please have a look through these. The only other noticable thing is that the 2 rear panels and the bulkhead are a slightly darker shade of green as the Landrover that they came from was a slightly different colour of green. The roof rack is not the most sightly and would be best of being removed as would look better without them in my opinion.

The interior of the Defender is generally in good solid condition. The front seats have a couple of light marks such as some wear on the drivers seat bolsters but there is actually some black seat covers that come with the truck so these would be beneficial. There is also no middle seat base fitted so just currently 2 seats in the front. The dashboard and the door cards are in decent condition also. The rear area has bench seats on each side which means 4 people can be carried in the back if needs be. There is also a good heavy duty rubber rear mat. There is a good CD player fitted which works as it ought to.

The Defender starts well from warm or from cold and the engine runs nicely with there being no nasty noises etc. The td5 engine is nice and responsive and provides more than enough power through the entire rev range. The gearbox is excellent and all gears change smoothly up and down the box. The clutch is good and operates as it should do. The brakes, steering etc are all nice and precise. There are no warning lights on the dash and the water temperature sits nicely with the heater producing nice warm air. There are no nasty clunks and bangs and I cannot really find anything to fault it on.