Sunday 10 November 2013

2002 land rover defender 90 td5 | eBay

2002 land rover defender 90 td5 | eBay:
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for sale is my 2002 land rover defender 90 td5 in (507) caledonian blue,
i purchased the car on 17-3-2012 with 128,136 miles on the clock and as of today it has 131,179 on the clock,so in 1year and 8months it has only covered  just over 3,000 miles, it unfortunately sits on my driveway most of the time so i regrettably i have decided to sell it and let somebody else enjoy it.
if you come to view the car, please dont expect to find a brand new one,after all it is eleven years old and has been used, with that said, all the main things you would look for on a defender, like the front bulk head/chassis/rear cross member and the doors are all in really good condition,
the body work is in good condition too and i have recently put chequered plate on the wing tops and the bonnet, as well as a light bar and halogen spotlights,
other work i have had done and parts replaced are new swivel hub assembly on both sides on the front including new swivel hub bearings/pins/gaskets/grease/timken wheel bearings/discs and pads,
there is a set of four virtually brand new tyres on,which are continental cross contact all terrains 235/85/16 with at least 10-11 mm of tread on them,
i have more recently had to replace the head gasket and have the head checked,at the same time i have also replaced the head bolts/injector harness/head dowels/injector seals and washers/glow plugs/oil filters/oil and anti corrosion coolant-anti freeze, so as you can see,anything that has needed doing has been done done with no expense spared,i have the receipts for all the the parts purchased,
it does have a cb radio fitted but i will take it out unless the new owner wants to buy it,it has three seats across the front and two bench seats in the back,but there is only one seatbelt for the back seats,never had the need to put any more in it really,
the only issue i have with the landy at the moment is when the clutch is depressed,the clutch release bearing is a little noisy when it is cold or damp but when it warms up it is fine, these are only about £15 to buy on ebay,
all the lights/indicators,rear and front wipers and heaters work fine , i have today replaced the rear mudflap brackets and refreshed the paint on the rear chequer plate so all is good
hopefully i have covered everything but if i have missed anything at all,please ask and i will get back to you as soon as i can,
please dont ask me what my reserve is,  if you take a look you will know what these landys are going for, the difference is this one is set at a reasonable price and not a high one,like some on ebay,
i am open to all sensible offers and not ridiculous ones, this will be advertised elsewhere and i may end the auction early ,  happy bidding.

car to be collected by buyer at my home address