Friday 19 October 2018

Military Land Rover 110 Defender v8 ex army SNATCH armoured 1993

Sellers Comments -
THE V8 ENGINE FITTED IN THIS VEHICLE IS VERY VERY CLEAN SEE PHOTOS id say it was a replacement fitted by the mod whilst in a hot climate (it looks new)

LT85 gearbox 
Salisbury axles front and rear

To me this is basic Land Rover stuff as a project
The usual 25 year old land rover stuff to look at
Chassis is a military heavy duty plated top and bottom to add strength,the main chassis rails are deeper
the ends of the chassis above the wheels are standard
Chassis condition as to be expected, surface rust is visable
Bulkhead, this may require attention in the footwells,(common) these are armoured landrovers and have armour that will need removing to examine properly

window glass has delaminated, however it is easy to remove and bring back to life by removing the perspex shield inside
(Ive done several vehicles satisfactory)

engine, ive included a photographs and everything is there that should be
Air conditioning is fitted to this vehicle
The keys are with the vehicle as is the mod654 that is required to road register it
date into service was 19-11-93 making it one of the last 30 built

As stated i have had this vehicle running and driving in the past and it will need a tinker to get it going again as its been sat for some time, its a V8 rover 3500 as fitted by the military

This vehicle served in Northern Ireland and Iraq
there is a club with a wealth of knowledge on these vehicles which are quite sought after especially being a v8 and open to export to the American market.

To sum up, you are bidding on this complete vehicle as per photos and description which is honest.
Sure there are some odd bits missing
Sure itll need a bit of tinkering
sure itll need a coat of paint
It is 25 years old and of its age 
when your project is finished you will have a unique outstanding envious vehicle
the body's on these can be removed and normal bodies substituted