Thursday 12 July 2018

Monster 110 land rover defender 110 ... known world over as The Minion

Sellers Comments - Where do I start .... almost everyone in the Landrover scene knows this vehicle, it was a ground up rebuild from a bare prepared chassis... chelated, hammerited and waxoyld to death ..... the chassis is mint ,,,,, never plated ,,, no rust and better prepped than when it left the factory.

modified to lift it 14" ,,, yes that is 14" , a body lift... lift blocks,,, lift springs and massive 40" hard compound trepadors (not available in the UK and impoted at massive cost and like new

huge 10" wide unique arches to cover the hand made 12" wide banded rims..... this thing is 14" taller and over a foot wider than standard

has a unique flip front as its the only way to access the 300tdi engine without scaffolding lol

very rare split doors all round and a one off roll cage and soft top conversion that was made by pp cages and exmoor in a joint project for LRO magazine to show the conversion landrover should have offered

brand new head on the engine 500 miles ago, aluminium radiator, custom intercooler (top mounted) etc etc

suspension consists of HD springs ... 420lb rears .. 270lb fronts for road stability, x arm rear arms and high movement rear greasable ball joint, 6 degree front arms for castor correction and HD sumo bars along with a matching HD adjustable pan hard

colour coded LED headlamps with brand new spare set provided due to fading of the yellow) , unique front and rear lamps imported from a south african truck company (crystal NAS) , all rewired to have 2 reverse and two fog to balance rear

twin jerry can holders... twin number plates etc etc

range rover seats, custom dash (needs a bit more finishing) carpeted , sound proofed, triple battery system

roll cage... every nut and bolt used in build is now BZP 12.9 .... fuel lines replaced with copper and braided... new fuel tank... every busy is new.. all bolts are new.... entire braking system replaced during build... new servo... master cylinder.... brake pipes  (cunifer) ... 6" extended braided hoses ... new pads and new shoes... new drums... axles rebuilt with 12.9 bolts and all seals replaced with corteco

full axle and gearbox breathers with stainless fittings .. new exhaust system.... the list goes on and on

no doubt loads ive forgotten

full axle and gearbox breathers with stainless fittings .. new exhaust system.... the list goes on and on

no doubt loads ive forgotten

currently no MOT as she is in storage as ive not had chance to even play this year with my beach buggy taking up my time along with my series 3 landrover..... should imagine itll fly through with a bit of a blast and fresh fuel.... this will need no welding its like new underneath

few minor dinks on the body commensurate with age but she looks stunning... cant leave her anywhere without a queue of people taking selfies..... it gets pictures on the net daily when on the road and i get at least 2 or 3 people a month worldwide trying to claim its theirs and they built it lol

its so well known i get tagged within minutes lol .... comical personal numberplate ... BIG PACKAGE (B16 PKG) is included in the sale