Thursday 28 June 2018

Personalised Numbers - Speedy Registrations Co. Ltd.

Sellers Comments -
Our story starts back in 1984, when our Director, Des Elton had a rather good idea. He'd spotted a gap in the number plate market and not one to sit around twiddling his thumbs, he immediately put his idea into practice and founded Speedy Registrations Co Ltd. 
Des started out running the business from a garden shed in Snowhill, Lisbellaw. While this may be a humble beginning, it did have good provenance, having been the home of the Eadie family who had the first registered car in County Fermanagh and so were allocated the plate IL 1. We'd love to have that one on our books today! It was obviously a good omen as the business soon flourished and outgrew the garden shed. These days the shed, pleasant as it was, would be a bit cramped for all the staff and our 6000 motorcycles, so we now have purpose-built premises at Millwood, Lisbellaw and Des has got his shed back. 
In 2008 we registered Speedyreg as a Trade Mark (well it's easier to say on the phone than Speedy Registrations Co Ltd) and we were quick to pick up on the potential of the Internet. With a highly sophisticated search engine and a whole website revamp, business really started to boom as we could now reach an even bigger market. Our staff expanded to keep up with demand and we extended our customer service phone line hours so customers could call us outside of working hours. 
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