Tuesday 13 December 2016

For Sale - LAND ROVER SERIES 3 - 1972 - Grimsby - Online Auction

Sellers Comments
For auction I have my Land Rover series 3 short wheel base. I have owned it only for a few months. Was a must buy as I have known of this vehicle for some years. It was owned by a local chap, who around 10 years ago set about a complete rebuild. He removed the old Diesel engine, had the original chassis shot blasted, repaired as required and then sent it off to be acid dipped / cleaned and galvanised. At the same time he did the same to the bulkhead, which was modified first to take the ROVER V8 engine. The front radiator panel was treated similarly and all body cappings also re- galvanised.
The rebuild then included parabolic springs , polly bushes, Range Rover 3.54 diffs, Rover SD1 engine, and more.
Roll forward a few years and some use and maybe a little abuse, the Land-Rover, due to his work commitments was layed up and stood unused for almost 3 years. That's where I came in. I bought it as a Winter project and have spent many hours and a fair bit of cash improving, but in doing so have neglected other things and my other projects, so one has to go and I have decided this is the one.
The list of the work I have completed is extensive, some jobs small, others more involved, but a brief list, is as follows :-

Trans: brake o/h, inc; new mintex shoes, return springs and oil seal.
Rear diff removed to drill casting to fit filler / level plug.
All brakes inspected, freed off, bled, adjusted.
New axle casing breathers.
New rear hub oil seals and seal landing rings fitted.
All oil levels checked, topped up or changed.
Engine oil and filter changed.
New remote oil filter pipes.
New spark plugs and HT leads.
One new fuel pipe.
New speedo cable.
New choke cable.
New genuine part, LUCAS indicator switch assembly.
New military style , LUCAS ignition switch.
New lamp lens.
Replacement headlamp.
Various wiring replaced.
Alternator replaced with good used unit.
Near side sill  panel changed.

The above is not the full list and in addition the starter motor, fuel tank and facet fuel pump have been recently replaced.

The Land Rover flew through its MOT test, drives very well and the engine sounds as it should. There are a few negative points, the front brakes will need new shoes within next  year, depending on mileage covered, the door tops are corroded and could do with renewal and the engine suffers from a fuelling problem. Maybe the carbs need o/h. I did find a blockage in the tank  pick up pipe, but that has been rectified, the fuel pump checked ( it is almost new ) and in line filters cleaned. I could, I am sure resolve the fault , but having spent so much time on the vehicle, I have a list of other things to do.

In conclusion, the previous owner rebuilt the Land Rover to last a long time, with a galvanised chassis and bulkhead and in that respect he did a good job. With a little bit more work, the vehicle will give many more years of service and pleasure. It is tax exempt and I only paid £78.00 for insurance and that is declaring the 3.5 v8 engine details , but then I am getting on in years.

You are welcome to any inspection, a coffee or tea, chat about Land-Rovers  and take her for a drive on a test run if you have insurance. I am not desperate to sell, as if there is no interest, then I will keep it and progress the improvements next Spring , when it is more pleasant to work outside. As far as price is concerned, I am looking to recover my outlay, excluding my time. There is no reserve and for a Land Rover on a galvanised chassis and bulkhead, it is a very realistic if not low start price. 

Thanks for looking.