Friday, 8 September 2017

Land Rover Series 2 - 1958 109 Unmolested Barnfind

Sellers Comments -
number 124 made in 1958 this is the pre model of the 1959 109 series 2 
manufactured around oktober 1958 ( can be asked for at heritage) eventually, it was delivered to the scottisch mountain rescue .
first registered on December 24 1958
originally green they painted it beige with yellow roof which it still is.

never been taken apart , never changed anything,
all 151**** numbers on transmission, axles. engine  frame etc.
even radiator is dated 58 and beleived to be never taken out!!!
as said unmolested.
engine turns so not frozen solid. 
is currently not running
brakes and clutch seized
very solid frame  with very very littel work. solid as a rock
only thing welded in is a new rear crossmember professionally done. 
sheet metal solid as a rock with dents but hè  they resqued people with it on very rough terrain!
inside rear loadig room and underneath seatbase is like new no rust good paint only dust. never seen anything that old look that good
many very earl details like fuel filler cap  original early doortops steering wheel etc etc.
ask for more pictures if needed.
located on the netherlands on dutch licence plates so easy to export to anywhere worldwide.