Saturday 8 November 2014

Land Rover Series 2 Prototype development mule ex factory engineering department

This Series II Land Rover was built as  Stationwagon on 20th Feb 1964 and was finished in Marine Blue with chassis 241-13606-B  it was soon dispatched to the Rover Engineering Department and registered in a factory series as  534JUE . it went on to the experimental fleet but was still standard looking in May 1964 when there are pictures of it taking part in a Caravan rally with other factory vehicles. It soon became a development mule and gained amongst other things Rack windscreen wipers, a Bakelite steering wheel and a development version of the upright hand brake. It ended up its factory life as a prototype mule for the Canadian market vehicle and had twin electric heated windscreens, a trimmed roof but without alpine lights and double skin and different lights. Along the way it has been fitted with a plastic dash and gear knobs with strange instructions on them and twin fuel tanks. I know there are a load of other features as well like the black seats and trim but I will let the new owner have the fun of finding the rest of them. It then passed out of company ownership and remained in that condition with original 2286 petrol engine and Solex carb etc. Along the way it had a colour change to white and lost its number presumably in a cherished transfer. It was last in use in 1998 and has been dry stored since then.It has not been driven for about ten years. It was taken off the road because the chassis was and still is in poor condition. It would repair if necessary but a replacement is probably the best alternative as it looks to be standard. Otherwise the rest of the vehicle is straight and original and will all go again with a bit of work needed on the bulkhead and doors. I have the V5c with its current reissued reg number RRF287B . Don't think it is a five minute project as it needs a thorough make over and return to its original Marine Blue but is well worth the effort as with the unusual features and documented factory history it is an interesting vehicle to own.  Inspection is welcome but don't waste yours and my time of you are not a genuine buyer. The roof rack in the main image is not with the vehicle.