Tuesday 26 August 2014

Land Rover Series 1, 86 in Station Wagon

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ello and welcome to my Auction yet again for my very lovely
Series 1 86 inch Land rover , relisted dew to a spineless fraudulent bidder
named ( s.williamson ) who placed a winning bid and then hid. you have been
named and shamed also reported to ebay.. anyway enough of talking about that
oxygen ponse s.williamson.. moving on !!!!

Since it was last on here I have had time to give it a
complete going over (not that there was anything wrong to start with) including
changing all transmission fluids, gear box, transfer box, overdrive and both
diffs, I have also put a new exhaust back box, gasket and hanger just to give
it more kerb appeal, I have also replaced the rear soundproof matting.  I didn't change the engine oil as it was only
done in June and only covered a handful of miles since.

Now, to all you wonderful genuine ebay bidders and buyers, I
really need to sell this great landy for personal reasons, I would not be
selling it if I didn't need too...


Anyone with a landy of any kind that is road worthy with an
MOT (if required) looking to part exchange it, I am all ears !!! but please
note I will need minimum of £6000 in cash to complete. I hope this might make
it easier for you bidders to consider.

Also, if you interested in this great Landy please, please,
please come and view it, not one of the previous bidders even asked to view, at
least if you view you can place your bids with confidence.

This little Landy had life saving surgery 2009/2010 were it
had all its organs, veins, blood, body parts, heart and soul repaired or
transplanted/renewed/overhauled, all the surgical records will help you
understand how sick this little landy was, and how well it responded to the
surgery and now only needing general TLC..

Dewing its rehabilitation to the road I had the pleasure of
taking it out most days for a good leg stretch and build its stamina back to
its new born state. However it did need a stronger heart so a 2286 c series
diesel heart was fitted after it was given a complete rebuild and giving back a
great 76 hp, and now the extra horses make life a great deal easier for it..
its gearbox, transmission and overdrive were also treated to the same private
health treatment giving it the best possible chance of a long and healthy
life... it also needed a great deal of cosmetic surgery, from the body and
limbs to the face rebuild, eye transplants, new voice box infact every thing
even down to its colon, No expense was spared in saving this little landys
life.... what more can I say, its a very healthy little Landy that loves and
lives life to the full....

And as we all know the older they get the more they want and
do discover shopping even though we do our best to shield then from it, but I'm
a soft touch so this little landy got spoilt at every opportunity, from eye
lids, to a 12000 Ib winch, freewheeling hubs, a bum lift (aka) station wagon
door, shovel and pick, nato pulling power, plus many many many stocking filler
items too..

But sadly it comes to us all at some point when they need to
get there own independence, This little Landy has all grown up now and is
looking to spread its wings and fly the nest.

I'm now welling up, so happy bidding and take good care of
this wonderfull Little Landy...

Thank You...!!!!