Wednesday 22 January 2014


Details >> LAND ROVER HYBRID SERIES 3 88" DEFENDER 200TDI 90 110 | 

elcome to the very reluctant sale of my awesome and
very blue defender hybrid

just under two years ago i was having a mooch around a
local landy yard and tucked away in a corner i spotted what i initially thought
to be an old ninety, anyhow it turned out to be a little more special than just
a old ninety.
it was infact a really well put together 88"
hybrid minus its engine and box and looking rather sorry for itself!
after a look over it i decided it needing saving it was
just too special to be broken up and forgotten.
about 20mins later it was bought and i had a new

over the last year and a half its had loads done to it
ive taken loads of pictures along the way and will be
putting these onto cd/dvd for the lucky new owner!
there is also a huge folder of service history, mots,
receipts and invoices that came with the landy when i bought it as always is
great fun to look through

onto the spec

firstly the colour! if you dont like attention this is
not for you the first time i drove this was to the mot station and it literally
stopped traffic never mind people, seriously i felt like a celebrity! people
were waving, taking pictures and complimenting on how good it looks especially
the pictures dont quite capture the colour it looks
better in the metal
the paint is a special mix satin blue i have the paint
codes (only for the buyer) and a spare half litre incase you need to touch up
any scratches

it has a 93,000 mile 200tdi engine and box fitted

the landy has 11 months mot but no road tax

due to the age of the landy insurance is extremely
cheap i was quoted £87 for the year fully comp 30 years old in a half decent
area with 2 years no claims.

black leather bmw seats in the front these are height
adjustable so when lifted a bit they recline a lot more than standard landy
ones also being from a sports bmw they really hold you in place! and 2 black
leather bench seats in the back its a 6 seater

has wide offset modular rims with 265 75 16 tyres
due to the wide wheels and shorter than usual wheelbase
it has a tiny turning circle its impressive to say the least an absolute doddle
to park and manouvre!

a straight through custom exhaust not too loud and
sounds great

a very expensive bmc air induction kit, whooshs like a
lorry when off the power from high revs

full clear light upgrade including smoked side

has been waxoyled on a bone dry vehicle (no moisture
trapped under waxoyl) it was inside since the start of summer!

the landy is great fun to drive its quick and gets
loads of attention

it hasnt been abused off road either like most hybrids

i was told the vehicle was first put together in 97/98
and built using a shortened to 88" wheelbase very early 90 chassis and
various early 90 panels which is exactly what it is and the history with it
goes back a fair while to support this

its got the looks of a 20k defender at a fraction of
the price

i really dont want to sell the blue beast but ive got
another landy project lined up and i cant keep them all.