Off Road Driving Experience Days

4x4 Obstacle Course Somerset Bath & West Showground

Try your hand at some extreme off-road driving with our 4x4 Somerset activity; a specially-designed obstacle course guaranteed to get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and your nerves buzzing! You’ll be driving a modified, high-powered Land Rover Discovery competition vehicle across a range of tricky terrains and you might even take part in a timed lap to see who’s got the fastest driver reflexes.

4x4 Off Road Newcastle

Discover the might of the Land Rover Defender on this 4x4 driving experience in Newcastle! Put simply, this vehicle is one of the most renowned 4x4s in the world for agility, endurance, and sturdiness so you will love driving it.

Where's the best place in the country to drive a 4x4? Scotland of course! When you go 4x4 driving in Scotland will see you driving a proper 4x4 in its natural habitat, far away from the urban setting we are more familiar with when it comes to being in a car.

4x4 Off Roading Oxfordshire

Who wants to go 4x4ing in Oxfordshire for an all-terrain driving extravaganza? These half and full day experiences take place on a very authentic off-roading course in Great Tew, Oxon. The vehicles used are proper 4x4s (Land Rover Discoveries), the real workhorses of the countryside that aren't afraid of mud, water or anything else you can throw at them for that matter - and perhaps just as well because you'll be pushing those axles to the limit!

4x4 Offroading - Rockingham - Rockingham Race Circuit

For the ultimate rough-ride drive, our Rockingham 4x4 experience is hard to beat. Combining off-road driving skills with some of the most difficult track conditions Rockingham has to offer, from gullies and streams to steep banks and mud-filled pools, this is one wild four-wheeled activity you’ll never forget.

4x4 Taster Bucks - Milton Keynes

Take a 4x4 Offroading In Milton Keynes and see just what these cars (and you) are capable of! The beauty of this venue is the location. Only 10 minutes from the centre of Milton Keynes with all the facilities, yet this 4x4 circuit is in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, being based on a working farm and business estate.

Explore an authentic adventurer’s motoring paradise when you go off-roading in Warwickshire! Churn up the mud with your all-terrain tyres and test your mettle in this cross-country metal machine that loves the bumps and grinds!

Action Packed 4x4 Activity Sussex

Three is the magic number when it comes to this wild and wacky 4x4 Sussex experience, where you drive a trio of off road vehicles. Not just your ordinary off road trek, this action-packed bumper selection of all-terrain vehicles sees you behind the wheel of a production 4x4, a special dirt-munching bespoke-built Landy and a mad caged buggy. The session starts gently, with the Sussex grounds offering a ‘Meadow Meander’ in a 4x4 Kia Jeep

See an iconic racing location in a completely new way with our off-road Silverstone 4x4 experience. Forget speed, this extreme course is all about power, balance and judgement, as you negotiate your way down steep drops, across rugged terrain and through deep water pools, all designed to test your driving abilities to the max.

Muddy 4x4 Sessions in Suffolk

Tyres spinning, engine revving, muddy water up to the door handles – just a small part of what to expect on our outrageously popular Suffolk 4x4 driving experiences. Whether it’s for a die-hard outdoors enthusiast, a rookie road user or just someone who loves a challenge, put a smile on their face with these thrilling all-terrain expeditions.

Off Roading Experience Berkshire - Near Reading

Off Roading Berkshire - it's time for a real 4x4 escapade! This off roading centre just outside Reading certainly has it all. It's a purpose built series of courses and it'll take all your driving skills to conquer the challenges of this rugged terrain with steep climbs, drops and gullies.

Off Road Experience - Market Harborough

The individual tuition offered at this offroad driving centre in Market Harborough ensures you get maximum training time in mastering the art of 4x4 off road driving. You will be tackling some serious off-road terrain - ranging from open fields with purpose built challenges to acres of varied woodland trails. Off road driving experience days are also available at a wide range of other UK locations.

Off Road Experience - Nottinghamshire - Sherwood Forest

How good is this 4x4 Nottingham experience? Well, if Robin Hood was still around he so would have ditched the horse for a Land Rover and we at Into the Blue think he would have signed up for this superb 4x4 off-roading session just north of Nottingham in his native Sherwood Forest. If you're not in the Notts area you can still find a 4x4 driving experience near to you, by checking out our main off road section.

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Off-roading in Surrey - can you handle it? This farm estate just outside Redhill provides a whopping 250 acres of countryside terrain for you to play in driving a modern 4x4 vehicle. Whether or not you've ever driven off road before, your driving session will be geared up to suit your level. For this two hour experience you may be part of a small group of up to four drivers on the day

Off Road Experience - Staffordshire

Forget plain old tarmac – for a real driving buzz, take our Staffordshire 4x4 challenge and see if you’ve got what it takes to conquer the elements. With four-wheel drive, a heavy duty axle and some serious suspension at your command, this intense off-road session will have you thinking fast and reacting faster as you bounce and bump your way across a thrilling obstacle-packed track.

Off Road Experience - Wiltshire - Near Chippenham

Release the driving demon inside you with our torque-tingling experience behind the wheel of a 4x4 in Wiltshire. Aimed at drivers new to the thrill of handling a four-wheel drive, this stunning off-road route simulates all the hazards you might expect on open ground – and some that you wouldn’t – making this is a great way to explore the full possibilities that 4x4 driving offers. Set in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside at the Castle Combe Circuit, our half-day 4x4 extravaganza will have you facing crazy climbs, dizzying descents and watery challenges, testing your motoring mettle to the limit.

Off Road Experience Lincolnshire - Grantham

Demanding and rewarding at the same time - that's what taking the wheel of a 4x4 in Lincolnshire is all about! When it comes to driving an off road vehicle, the first mistake most us make is to go too heavy on the throttle. You will soon learn that less is definitely more on this challenging session near Grantham.

Destination Yorkshire for 4x4 driving with a difference! You will get behind the wheel of a legendary Land Rover vehicle to go off roading on a professionally designed course around a thrilling and challenging disused quarry setting.

Off Roading Experience Scotland

Get your tyres spinning with some wild and wonderful off road driving in Scotland.
 This experience will see you brave some of the most breathtaking terrain the Scottish Highlands have to offer, with pools, troughs, gullies and mountains all waiting to be tackled. With four wheels, shed loads of torque and traction combined with a hearty dose of courage to help, can you defeat our off roading challenge? For this bracing driving session in Perthshire